Our Mission

Keeping your body in a good state and making the right choices can be tough.

The answers seem so simple, get back to basics, get outside with the sunshine, exercise, stretch and eat clean and healthy. The problem, when you don’t feel good either mentally or physically the last thing you want to do is make good choices. Yet, there are so many holistic options available that don’t harm your body, give you confidence and true inner peace. Everyone has these options available. We would love to be a part of some of the solutions, changing lives one at a time.

The Owners

Betsy Mickey

I truly enjoy helping folks find solutions and raising awareness where holistic options may be available. When I think something may help a cause, an ailment/anxiety, I am passionate about sharing the information. There are so many natural and even simple options available for true freedom from debilitating, crippling conditions. By us opening a physical store, you get to come in and have a real live conversation face to face and we get to share amazing testimonials already had by us and our customers.

My message is simple. I don’t want to live forever, but I do want to feel good while I am here. When you don’t feel good, any good intentions you may have had towards a healthier you get clouded with overwhelmed and defeated thoughts and emotions. There are just so many holistic, healthy options available that may truly free you. If I can guide you to a path of healing I want to do it.

Dave Landrith

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