Meet The Staff


Following in his mother’s footsteps, Evan has a passion for organic quality CBD products. When it comes to explaining dosage and effects, Evan loves getting into the details.


Laid back and always ready to try something different – Austin fits like a glove with the Mickeys Team.

Maxwell “Max” Lillie

A 3d artist with a passion for art and having fun. Max has been friends with the Mickeys for 20+ years.

Favorite Product

- Hemp Bomb Gummies -

They are a great fit for some of my friends with anxiety. They get a treat and some relief.

Jean “Scooter” Schroeder

WIth experience in sales and a laid back “hippie” personality Jean has been a great fit at Mickeys Herbal care. If she can make someone’s life less stressful, she will!

Favorite Product

- Pure Spa -

The smell is amazing and you have several options to choose from. It lasts for 8 hours and it’s so relaxing. It’s also incredibly easy to work with.


With a “Pass it Forward” mentality, Nikki is a great addition to any team. If she can help, she does.